COVID-19 Community Fund

We're Helping With Your Help


As the world-wide spread of COVID-19 makes its way through our neighborhoods, we want to ensure the families we serve, our community members, our employees and their families have the support they need during this unprecedented time.

In an effort to flatten the curve of the spread of this devastating virus, we have closed Neighborhood House’s doors for two months. Now our Children Center has opened its doors, and we are providing online support services and resources to our adult clients, as well as mental health support to all our clients and employees.

The economic impact of this deadly virus is as frightening to our clients and employees as the health impact. Many have lost jobs and will lose jobs, which will throw them into crisis - especially families who can’t afford to miss a paycheck; families who must stretch each dollar during good economic times. This includes many of our entry-level staff.

As we live through this uncertain period, Neighborhood House wants to be an anchor of stability and hope for those we serve, our community members and our employees. We need your help to do this!

Neighborhood House is establishing a ‘COVID-19 Community Fund’ which will help us provide hardship assistance to our families as we re-open so they have immediate access to the care they need for their loved ones as they begin to rebuild their lives.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will make appropriate adjustments over the coming months. In this uncertain ambiguous moment in history, we need your support to help our community prioritize public health. Thank you for supporting our mission - a mission that continues because of you.








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“I love everything about working at Neighborhood House! Everyday I am thankful for having a job that enables me to provide to my family, while offering greatly needed services to my community. Most of all, I love spending my day with our clients, listening to their stories and life lessons.”
— ADS staff



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