Walk through our doors and you’ll immediately feel at home. We’ve created a fun, safe and loving environment at our Salt Lake center where children receive the educational and developmental opportunities needed for a healthy start in life.

For our Parent Community, see our Parent Handbook for program policies and procedures. 
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Quality Programs for Children Ages
15 Months-5 Years Old

Our goal is to maximize each child’s learning potential by stimulating intellectual growth, building self-confidence and developing social skills they’ll carry into adulthood. Our activities encourage language development, creative expression, motor coordination and social and emotional skills. We are committed to ensuring children are ready to compete on equal footing with their counterparts of other socioeconomic status once they begin school.

Toddler 4 Neighborhood House

Our program gives children a strong foundation for social and academic success:
  • Nationally recognized curriculum, the Creative Curriculum
  • Intentional activities that impact the all the developmental domains for your child
  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacks prepared on-site
  • Safe, outdoor play space
  • Music and dance/movement program, reading time, art projects and games
  • Educational field trips
  • Intergenerational activities

Neighborhood House is the only non-profit in Utah with a sliding fee scale to achieve NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accreditation, ensuring everyone has access to the highest quality early childhood care. Additionally we offer a bilingual staff person (Spanish/English) in every classroom, with activities in both languages. We are a state licensed facility that also accepts state child care assistance for those who qualify. See our Community Resources for more information. Parent Engagement opportunities such as monthly Family Fun Nights, Parent Teacher conferences, and individualized activities for your child to do at home together. See our Calendar for more information.

The Creative Curriculum

This curriculum promotes play. Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist and developmental theorist, recognized the importance of play its role in the development of logical thinking. According to Piaget, play serves many purposes and provides and excellent vehicle for learning. By handling many different materials, children learn to observe, compare, sort, and sequence. Their knowledge grows as they experiment, make discoveries, and modify their current thinking to incorporate new insights.
Purposeful, productive play is positively related to:

  • Memory development
  • Symbolic thinking
  • Positive approaches to learning
  • Positive social skills
  • Language and literacy skills
  • Math skills

Intentional activities that impact all the developmental domains for your child, which are:

  • Social-Emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • CognitiveLiteracy
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • The Arts
  • English Language Acquisition

Lisa Hackwell Neighborhood House
Meet Lisa Hackwell, our Early Education Manager.









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